Oyster Affiliates Marketing Hub

Oyster Affiliates Marketing Hub

Welcome to the Oyster Affiliate Program! 👋 We’re so excited you’re joining us on our mission to create a more equal world by helping companies everywhere hire talented team members anywhere.
To help you get started, we’ve gathered ready-to-use images and content, as well as our best tips for sharing, in your very own Affiliate Success Kit. Quickly and easily add these pre-approved assets to blogs, emails, social media posts, and any other content you love to create. All you have to do is copy, paste, and share to get referrals—and rewards—even faster. Make sure you check back here for new assets.
You can track your dashboard by going to: https://dash.partnerstack.com/oyster Have suggestions on other materials you need to be setup for success? Reach out to Sergei: sergei.danilov@oysterhr.com

Success Kit
  • Media Kit
  • Oyster Demo Video
  • Creative Assets
2023 Research Reports
  • Employee Disillusionment Report
Social Media Templates
  • Case Study examples
  • Facebook & Twitter posts
  • Snippets Ready for Use
Email Copy Template
  • Outreach - Email & InMail
Upcoming & On-Demand Events
  • Total Rewards | July 19 Webinar

💸 3 Ways to Refer to Oyster

1. 🔗 Affiliate Link

Share your affiliate link on social media, a blog, your website or email.
Once your referral clicks on the link and creates an account, a referral record will be created in your affiliate account.

2. 📧 Direct Email Intro

Please reach out to Sergei at sergei.danilov@oysterhr.com to find out how you can do direct email introductions.

3. ✍️ Lead Submission Form

Log into your PartnerStack Affiliate Account and click on Submit Referral.
Complete your referral information and provide as much information as you can.
When completing the form, please also confirm whether your referral is aware that they are being submitted.
Our team will then reach out to your referral.

🎯 Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

📂 Company Overview
Stage: Seed - Series C startups, and scaleups or lower mid-market, < 10 yrs old
Top Industries: Tech, Computer Software, IT/Services.
  • Overall agnostic but with exclusions for industries that are low fit due to low willingness to pay, extreme complexity, or low likelihood of a sufficient threshold of remote knowledge worker employment (education, food services, government, and hospitality/tourism)
Top Geographies: AMER, EMEA
Size: SMB (<250), Lower Mid-market (250-1,000)
Remote adoption: partially distributed; fully distributed
High-growth; indicators include:
  • 10-50 open roles
  • Recently raised capital
🙋🏽‍♂️ Primary Personas
  • People Ops Leaders
  • HR & People Managers
  • Talent Acquisition Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • CEOs / Exec Yeams
🗻 Problems they Face
  • Complexities in global hiring and ensuring compliance. Local employment laws vary and it’s hard to build in-house knowledge
  • Workflow automation and integration with HR tools
  • Preventing employee burnout and ensuring their wellbeing, self-care, and retention (2023 specific challenge)
  • Keeping distributed employees happy & efficient, without face-to-face meetings & HQ perks
  • Concerned by the lack of local laws knowledge with their own limited legal team. Needs proactive advisory on local laws to avoid paying out claims, transfer payments and cost
  • Provision of local benefits with coverage equivalent to that of employees hired directly
  • Need for security. SOC Type 2, single sign-on compatibility
  • A breadth of functionalities that support their jobs-to-be-done like payroll, reporting, time off, expenses
  • Time to onboard needs to be adequate for their hire’s target start date